If you choose to be a Zombie, your mission is to infect the runners with the living dead virus by capturing their flags. You may be a creeper (slow moving), crawler or a runner (fast moving). You will be assigned a zombie type on race day.


What do Zombies bring on the day of the race?

  • You may want to bring a change of clothes, towel, and shoes. You may also want to bring a plastic bag to put your wet muddy clothes in after the race in the event of rainy weather.
  • Money:
    • There will be merchandise available for purchase.
    • After the awards ceremony there will be food available for you to purchase dinner and drinks.

 What do Zombies wear?

Zombies may bring or wear your best zombified outfit. Come decked out in your best zombie makeup! 

How long will the Zombies be participating in the event?

Zombies are infected with the Living Dead Virus for about 1.5 hours. When you are finished spreading the living dead virus, you may hang out with the humans and other zombies at the awards ceremony and Warrior Party.


Where do Zombies Report when they arrive?

Zombies report to the Zombie Warrior Check-In Table. It is there you will be divided into Creeper Zombies, Crawler Zombies or Runner Zombies. You will be given directions and taken to your area of the course. You must stay in your area until the race is over unless directed otherwise.

What do Zombies Receive?

  • A large buffet of humans



Zombies will not physically contact any runner other than in an attempt to pull a health flag.  Direct physical contact (pulling, grabbing, pushing, striking, etc.) between zombies and runners will not be permitted.

Direct and intentional physical contact with any runner is strictly prohibited.

This is a charity benefit and meant for fun.  We ask that you not be too aggressive when interacting with the runners.

You are to never grab more than one flag from a runner.