Embrace the Warrior Within Scholarship
The Jake Offutt Foundation established its scholarship program in November 2015 to honor the memory of Jacob Alexander Offutt, son of Sensei Offutt with Tristar Martial Arts Academy. Jake was a second degree black belt working towards his third degree black belt when he was diagnosed with brain cancer in December 2014. Jake underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  He unfortunately passed away July 13, 2015 at the young age of 15.  Jake’s dream was to continue training in his martial art forever.  He couldn’t wait for the day to become a SWAT member and eventually an instructor at Tristar. Jake was very well loved by those that trained with him and saw him as a gentle warrior.
Jake embodied everything that Tristar teaches its students.  He was a kind and compassionate human being.  As a way to honor Jake’s love of martial arts and his dream of continuing on, the Foundation is offering scholarships to Tristar Martial Arts by providing tuition, uniforms and gear to those in need and who have the desire to “Embrace the Warrior Within”.
We will cover 100% of tuition, uniform and gear, if needed.  Scholarships are issued in six (6) month increments.  A recipient may request a renewal upon expiration of the scholarship funds.
In order to maintain the scholarship the recipient must attend class regularly, uphold the positive martial arts attitude and maintain good grades in school (if applicable).
If you would like to apply for a Tristar Tuition Scholarship, click on the link below.